Outback Trailer

The Outback

Team Trillium Manufacturing has improved on a superior lightweight fiberglass trailer, with 37 years of history and fun, renamed the Outback Trillium. It will give you many more years of lasting durability and excitement - and something new: design your own Outback Trillium trailer to reflect your personal style!

Take a look at the Outback's unique design, utilities, and special features by clicking on the links to the left. We can also custom build a trailer to suit your personal or commercial requirements.

Here is a quick overview of the Outback's special features and benefits:
• two-piece aerodynamic fiberglass shell
• lightweight - easily pulled by smaller vehicles and save on car maintenance and fuel consumption
• easy to repair and maintain
• hail-proof and leak-proof
• will not rust
• reduced road vibration
• insulated interior

Tell us what you think about the Outback. Your input will help us better understand our customers' needs. Or find out what our customers are saying about their Outback.

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