We can take your ideas and make them come to life.  We’ve turned Outback Trailers into custom smoke shops, coffee stands, and more.  What do you want to do?  Take your ideas and put them on the road.  We can help you.

Appliances Upgrades

Is your Trillium’s fridge or range what you would call vintage?  We have new appliances we can install to bring you back into this century.  Our new ranges come alongside a beautiful new sink.

Power Upgrades

We have the power system for the Outback all sorted out.  We can install UV Panels and power converters so you have all the comforts you need on the road.

New Features

Looking for more storage space?  Maybe you’d like a bathroom in your Outback.  We can even install a shower or custom cabinets.

Leak Proofing

Have your window seals worn away?  No problem.  We can go through your windows, doors, and roof vents to ensure you stay dry even in a hail storm!


Did you hit a rock on the road?  We can do fiberglass repairs, fix welds on your trailer frame – even fabricate a new frame, update your trailer stand and more.  Just let us know what kind of love your trailer needs!


The following is a list of major suppliers to Outback Trailers. Feel free to visit their Web sites for more information on specific parts.
• Carefree of Colorado – Awnings –
• Elixir Industries – Door locks & power converters –
• Fantastic Fan – Fans –
• Nova Kool – Fridges –
• Shurflo – Pumps –
• Smev – Cookers & Sinks –
• Suburban – Furnaces –


Would you like to order parts for your Outback or Trillium trailer?  Check out our parts selection.

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