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uv power panel trillium

UV Power Setup


This power setup will keep you going even when you can't hook up!  That's what the Outback is all about, going further, and seeing more.  If there's no power hookup available, it doesn't matter, you can keep going.

trillium outback trailer with bathroom

This design features the extended countertop with flush toilet.  Extra cupboard space!  The bathroom has a curtain door and is built in.  This tends to be one of our more popular designs.

TV Install


Plan on watching some of your fav cooking shows while you're on the road?  We have an option to install a monitor over your extended countertop in the front of the kitchen.

When you do have power, why not take advantage?  We can install a microwave in your closet space.

Mini living can be challenging but not for us!  We have all the tricks.  The sink has a lid to close up and work on top of when you need counter space, and the cook top has offset burners for bigger pots and pans.

Have a little one who needs to curl up too?  Want to leave your bed down and work on your laptop in the light of the window?  Our front dinette takes care of that.

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